Audio Book: A Private Conversation with Money

Chapter 4: The Nightmare Emerges! 

Picture of the character "Money"

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An amazing story that explains how beliefs about money impact every aspect of life from anxiety at the ATM to loving another person and even loving yourself. Please read this book. The world would be a better place if everyone approached this book sincerely.

-Amazon Customer

From Richard Friesen, financial guru and the creator and developer of the "Mind Muscles" training courses, comes the captivating story of "Joe," a struggling journalist barely making ends meet.

Featuring engaging, real-world exercises and money affirmations that work, this book will help you discover what is blocking your happiness and teach you how to embrace a new mindset that will grant you financial freedom and understanding. 

  • Discover how you are fighting your own brain when it comes to money management
  • Align your core values, identity, beliefs, and behaviors with your financial goals.
  • Deliver value to your world that expands your own financial freedom.
  • Reframe your own preconceptions around courting money, wealth, and success.

For Joe, anger is his friend. 

Every day, a frustrated Joe Everie faces an unfair economic world where the greedy get rich fast, driving him to vent his stress to those that sympathize. Falling deeper into debt, Joe feels like he is falling into an abyss.

But then Money responds. 

Showing up in the middle of the night, “Money” takes Joe on a journey through the human brain, revealing how he fights financial success and how he can build a rapport with his deepest values.

Though Joe fights his financial education every step of the way, he can’t deny the effects “Money” has on his beliefs and behaviors, together with newfound knowledge of money affirmations that work.

This is the story of Joe’s financial redemption.

And Yours.

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Highly recommended. This book is for someone who's serious about improving their relationship with money, written by someone who's accomplished in their field (i.e. has already made money), and by someone who's helped other people make money (employees and clients).
It's rare that someone can 'do' and also 'teach.'

-Old Money Guy