Are you frustrated with your financial situation?


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"Truly Transformative. What begins as a story becomes an interactive invitation to work the same exercises as the main character. Using the three chair exercise and the SET score process revealed submerged drivers that could be liberated. Ultimately, this is a playbook to thinking differently. I recommend A Private Conversation with Money whole-heartedly!"

  • Does it feel like corporations are screwing us over?
  • Is student debt debilitating many of the next generations?
  • Can young people still even afford to buy a home?
  • Is starting a family too much of an economic burden nowadays?
  • Does it feel as though the economic system rigged against most people?
  • Are taxes unfair to the most hardworking and underpaid people?
  • Are real economic opportunities available to just the elite few?
  • Has the pandemic impacted your business and personal life?

Hi, I'm Richard Friesen

Mind Muscles Academy Founder

I wrote this book out of my experience as a therapist and coach for professional money managers, traders, entrepreneurs, and even those financially struggling.

My clients have worked through the subconscious and conscious internal conflicts that show up in repeated behaviors that no longer serve them. Once they have expanded their self-awareness, learned to accept themselves and all their parts and voices, then we can ask: "What would you like now?"

This then hits a wall of cultural and family beliefs that the client absorbed. We can then uncover who we want to be.

My book is both self-help that is written in story form. The reader can follow the main character, Joe, as he wrestles with the same issues that my clients overcome. The character "Money" and Joe have a series of conversations that are a continual invitation to not only a Money-Positive mindset, but Life-Positive behaviors.

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"Excellent book and very enjoyable read. I am not an avid reader and generally struggle with reading a book and usually have to push myself to get to the end. But the deeper I got into “A Private Conversation with Money”, the more engaged I became, and I found it a real pleasure to read to the end. It was extremely thought provoking and really caused me to see things from a different perspective."

TABLE OF CONTENTS - Tap here to expand and collapse

Personal Support
Major Contributors
Personal and Theoretical Inspiration
Intellectual Frameworks
Volunteer Army of Editors and Reviewers
Engagement Exercises

Chapter 1 — The Email Scam
Chapter 2 — The Scream and the Reply
Chapter 3 — The Two Dates – The Awesome and the Awful
Chapter 4 — The Nightmare Emerges
Chapter 5 — The Techies in Their Teslas, and the Homeless in Their Tents
Chapter 6 — Do You Know What You Want?
Three Chairs Exercise — Your Relationship with Money
Chapter 7 — Joe Becomes Money
Chapter 8 — It Wasn’t a Walk in the Park
Chapter 9 — The Golden Keys
Expanding Your Awareness — SET Instructions
Chapter 10 — Dinner and Debate
Chapter 11 — Who Wrote the Article?
“The Economic Collapse is Coming for You!” — Analysis
Chapter 12 — Joe’s Brain Ignites
Chapter 13 — Keeping Out of the Water
Chapter 14 — Sources of Suffering
Chapter 15 — When Money Felt Good
Chapter 16 — Conflict at the Concert
Chapter 17 — Walking, Awake, and Anguish
Chapter 18 — Certificates of Appreciation
Certificates of Appreciation — Making it Real
Chapter 19 — Money, Value, and Force
“Money Speech” — Choose Your Experience
Chapter 20 — Riches and Resentment
Exercise: Hidden Anchors to Wealth
Hidden Anchors to Wealth
Riches and Resentment — Money Reviews Pissed’s Responses
Chapter 21 — The Extravagant Money Model
Capital for a Better Future — For our Children
Chapter 22 — Design: Cause or Effect?
Chapter 23 — Transmutation: Turning Lead into Gold
Chapter 24 — Designing the Relationship
Chapter 25 — Money’s Rules
Chapter 26 — Owning Your Success Thermostat
Wealth Identity Exercise
Chapter 27 — Welcome to the Galactic Wormhole
Chapter 28 — Don’t Eat the Whole Pie
Chapter 29 — Values, Truth, and Reality
Money and Value Loss
Chapter 30 — Who’s Interviewing Whom?
Chapter 31 — A Tale of Two Planets
Healthy, Wealthy Family — Raise Yourself Again!
Chapter 32 — Money and Meaning
Chapter 33 — From Depression to Delight
Chapter 34 — Joe’s New Job and Julie’s Jab
Your Value “Vision Board”
Chapter 35 — Conversation With Our Higher Self

Your Relationship with Money — Three Chairs Exercise
Additional Support for a Money-Positive Life
Appendix — Major Principles: Review and Summary
Agency — The Power of Personal Ownership
Awareness and Acceptance — SET Development
Beliefs and the Power of Tribes
Capital — The Excellence of Excess
Certificates of Appreciation
Context — The Context We Choose Creates the Life We Live
Core Value: Respect for the Dignity and Integrity of All
Economic Mobility — Expanding Life’s Menu for All
Equity and Power
Golden Keys
Government and Money Rules
Maps and Territory
Meaning — Where is It Located?
Money and Acid
Money-Positive Life
Money Rules
Process, Not Outcome
Victim and Perpetrator
Wealth and Value Contribution
Zero-Sum Game — One-Pie Economy

Who is this book for?

Those struggling financially

Many people repeat the same struggles with money because of subconscious beliefs, cultural norms, and internal ethical conflicts. This book invites you to build a healthy relationship with money and wealth, with additional lessons and exercises you can do yourself.

Young people  

This book presents an opportunity for young people to avoid decades of money struggles and uncertainty by learning early on how to prevent financial self -sabotage and a vicious circle of guilt and shame for being successful. 

Traders and investors

My trading clients swear they will follow their strategy and by the end of a day...they have violated their rules many times. WHY? The relationship a trader has with money and success is critical to being consistently profitable in the markets. Ask me how I know!

Successful entrepreneurs

If you've done well for yourself but hit a plateau that you just cannot seem to get above; if you sometimes feel ashamed or embarrassed about your wealth when so many are struggling and going hungry - then this book is for you. 

Lori Enarsen

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The biggest obstacle that gets in the way of our financial success is between our ears - our own mindset. Even though I know all the technical and fundamental aspects of managing money, my subconscious memories and beliefs take hold, sabotaging my success. Richard Friesen took me along a narrated journey of self-discovery, using the story of “Joe” to parallel my own money paths. Through Joe’s eyes, I am able to relate to the various lessons told, whether the thoughts were passed on from my parents or incubated in my own mind.

By the end of the book, I was not only observing the transformation of the character but experiencing my own revelations about money as well.

A unique viewpoint

Richard has been a floor trader in the Chicago trading pits and the Pacific Exchange in San Francisco where he built and sold a successful options trading firm and served on the board of directors. He also founded and built a financial software company where he invented ten significant trading interface patents. This combined with his Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology, Neurolinguistic Programing Master’s certification, and neuroscience focus, brings a unique framework to business, investing, and career success.

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Miko Lau

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Opened My Eyes to My Subconscious Beliefs About Money. The book is a relatively easy read, but packed full of techniques to tease out one's subconscious/hidden beliefs about money. The "Three Chairs Exercise" really helped me uncover some self-limiting beliefs about money I was unknowingly harboring. There are various exercises in the book (e.g., uncover your subconscious beliefs about money, assess your physical reaction to money, be aware of your thoughts about money, be cognizant of the language we use when speaking about money/wealth, etc.); I encourage all readers to take the time and make the effort in doing the exercises. This book has helped me change my relationship with money and investing.

Get started on your Money-Positive path

From Richard Friesen, financial strategist and the creator and developer of the “Mind Muscles” training courses, comes the captivating story of “Joe,” a struggling journalist barely making ends meet. By joining Joe on his path through engaging real-world exercises, relatable life experiences, and a deep dive into the psychology of money, “A Private Conversation with Money” invites you to:

  • Discover how you are fighting your own brain when it comes to money management
  • Align your core values, identity, beliefs, and behaviors with your financial goals.
  • Deliver value to your world that expands your own financial freedom
  • Reframe your own preconceptions around courting money, wealth, and success

For Joe, anger is his friend. Every day, a frustrated Joe Everie faces an unfair economic world where the greedy get rich fast, driving him to vent his stress to those that sympathize. Falling deeper into debt, Joe feels like he is falling into an abyss.

But then Money responds. Showing up in the middle of the night, “Money” takes Joe on a journey through the human brain, revealing how he fights financial success and how he can build a rapport with his deepest values. Though Joe fights his financial education every step of the way, he can’t deny the effects “Money” has on his beliefs and behaviors, together with newfound knowledge of money affirmations that work.

This is the story of Joe’s financial redemption.

And Yours.

Praise for Conversations with Money

“After…Conversations with Money, I had immediate changes in my life. I realized the value I was adding in my work career, and now I have attracted receiving an attractive salary. CwM got to the root cause of my negative beliefs towards money…”

"Richard's dynamic and witty approach really drove home the concepts using the right analogy and the right story with each teaching point."

Mark Michael Lewis

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An enjoyable, practical, and profitable confrontation with my beliefs about money.

When I first read through this book, I thought it was a clever way to investigate and understand how I thought about money, especially how my orientation towards money was either helping me or hindering me from making it. But when I invested the time to actually DO the exercises in the book, it gave me a deeper relationship not just with money, but with how I prioritize my values across my life. How I think about and invest and utilize money, it turns out, is just a proxy for how much permission I give myself to fully live my life according to my own conscience. A profound and practical book.