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Conversations with Money - the book

Hello. I’m Richard Friesen, founder of the Mind Muscles Academy.

What I have noticed after teaching hundreds of students, private coaching clients and thousands of assessments is that more and more people have internal conflicts and are out of rapport with their values, money and success .

In my coaching, my clients bring subconscious limits that can come from a lack of worthiness to adopting negative memes around wealth and success. All of my coaching clients are really good people. Our work together reframes their success so they can be in rapport with success and their relationship with money.

This is why I have written my book, Conversations with Money.

“The value of a communication is not how clearly it is delivered, but by how clearly it is received.”

“Conversations with Money,” invites the reader to become aware of their relationship with money. This awareness often reveals hidden beliefs and cultural conflicts that keep us in a state of struggle. Once we become aware of the context we live in, we can then reframe our view of the world in a way that brings us into rapport with our values, money and success.

Joe, a journalist, has a series of provoking conversations with the personality of “Money'' that challenge his self-destructive actions. Money invites him to clarify how he looks at the world by reframing his knowledge, behaviors, beliefs and even how he sees himself. Joe challenges each precept to bring clarity to the reader. The result is an experience that serves not only Joe, but everyone in his world. 

How well is this message received? This is the contribution you can make to the book.

By commenting in real time as you read the book, you can bring to life the issues and solutions that invite you to step out of struggle and into a life affirming process.

Would you like to volunteer and contribute to the development of this book?

You need not have any editing skills...just your perspective! You can sign up below to be part of a diverse audience that is contributing their unique experience. Once you sign up, we will schedule a time to have a creative conversation. You can then create clarity for yourself and the other readers.

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