How do you feel about MONEY?

How does Money feel about YOU?

  Join me Wednesday, June 15 to find out.  

Have you experienced any of the following?

  • Do you sabotage your own success?
  • Do you have a shopping addiction?
  • Is there a lack of meaning in your life?
  • Do you have conflicts with values and success?
  • Are you afraid to ask for what you are worth?
  • Do you avoid all money issues?
  • Do you fear financial failure?
  • Do you lack confidence in your financial skills?
  • Do you believe the very rich lose their empathy?
  • Are you sometimes resentful of wealthy people?
  • Are you afraid of the burdens that wealth might bring?
  • Do you think rich people become corrupt and evil?
  • Are you afraid that success may mean losing your current community and friends?
  • Do you have problems with self-confidence?
  • Do you tend to procrastinate in your efforts to build wealth?
  • Have you experienced financial unfairness?

Repeating the same DESTRUCTIVE BEHAVIORS  guarantees the same NEGATIVE RESULTS.

I can help! 

FIND OUT HOW: Join me Wednesday, June 15

wed. june 15 at 9:00 PM ET

Why you should attend this meeting:

Money talks back!

Some of the most profound changes my students and clients make are with exercises where they have a Private Conversation with Money, and money talks back.

Change Your Financial Future. (Yes, you can).

Let’s expand on the book and courses. Even if you haven’t yet finished reading my book, “A Private Conversation with Money” or completed the exercises in the complimentary companion online course, this live online meeting can change your relationship with money and your future financial security.

How to join the meeting:

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wed. june 15 at 9:00 PM ET

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About your host, Richard Friesen

Founder, Mind Muscles Academy

Richard works with financial professionals, independent traders, business leaders and entrepreneurs of all types who want to expand their mental game to make more consistent profits. With in-depth experience as a broker, floor trader, financial software developer and entrepreneur, he brings concrete real-world experience to his clients. Rich holds a B.A. in Philosophy, a master's degree in Clinical Psychology and is a graduate of the Gestalt Institute in San Francisco along with master’s certification in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). His background in psychology has been instrumental in his development of the Mind Muscles™ training programs that support the financial and business community.

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