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After 30 years in the financial world, trading on the floors of major exchanges, building a trading firm, and creating new products as a board member of the Pacific Stock Exchange, I realize that something is missing.

Do you feel stuck financially? Are you tired of your current financial struggles?

The road to financial success can be overwhelmingly tough. Long hours, wasted time and energy, burnout, self doubt, self sabotage, lack of support, tools and resources. Nowhere to turn for valuable advice and knowledge.  

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It could be that you are not prepared for success. Our survival mechanisms are very clever, in fact so clever, that they can morph into reasonably sounding actions in the moment. We think we are acting rationally, when in fact our survival mechanisms have taken over.

I know you think this is crazy. You think you want to be successful more than anything in the world. The thought of avoiding success doesn’t make any sense, since you’re working so hard to be successful.

What is the difference between success and failure? When I was building a trading firm, the traders I hired all had the same training, support, and yet half of them failed. And these are traders that I carefully selected to back financially.

Looking back on this time with my new insights, it has become clearer and clearer that their belief systems and their very identity had created an ongoing struggle with success.

This struggle, in and of itself, had become a comfort zone where they could fantasize being successful, without having to deal with the belief and identity changes required to sustain continued success.

This struggle is very evident in the trading world, but applies to every walk of life.

Our subconscious survival instincts are designed to create the struggles we know we can survive.

Read that sentence again. Think about this for your own life.

I have experienced this in my own life. I can see how the early struggles from my childhood and the threats I felt, have been duplicated over and over again in my adult life.

Why would I do this? Because I knew that I could survive them.

I did not know that I could survive what I really wanted and my heart's desire. So I chose an environment and people in my life that would replicate my struggles that I had habituated and turned into a comfort zone.

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