Are you struggling financially?

Are you sick and tired of struggling with money, and not getting anywhere?

  • Are you angry at the world for its unfairness?
  • Do you worry about having enough money to provide well for your family?
  • Do you have financial stability, but feel lost and without meaning?
  • Do you secretly feel guilty or ashamed of being successful, when so many are struggling?
  • Do you feel hopeless about what you can do to make the world a better place?

Welcome to the Conversations with Money Course!

You are ready to make changes in your life that free you from the bonds that money has wrapped you in.

This is your personal online course where you can expand your life choices at your own pace, with privacy. 

This course deals with not just the experience of financial frustration, but goes deeper into your own personal mindset that produces the symptoms that you want to change. 

How does this work?

Each lesson, along with the companion book “Conversations with Money,” takes a major underlying behavior and belief that drives the discomfort and stress that no longer serve any of us.

The companion book, “Conversations with Money” lays the intellectual and emotional framework for a mindset that not only feels better in the moment, honors our deepest values, but also gets us to our goals.

We know that profound improvement in our lives is easier if we experience, practice, and rehearse the beliefs and behaviors that serve us better in a safe environment.

This course creates easy-to-follow exercises that you can do in the privacy of your own home. You can practice expanding the menu of choices on your life’s menu, one great feeling choice at a time!

What You Get in the Course



Anchors, limitations, Demons and Unhelpful Beliefs

Part 1 is about awareness and discovery of the hidden voices and beliefs that hold us back from what we want. Each of these beliefs and behaviors was created at a time we didn’t have many other options, and they do have a positive intent to keep us alive. However, with our desire to move our lives forward, these limitations can be brought forth and understood. Given their positive intent, they can then expand their role in our lives.

Each of the 7 lessons in this section invites you to increase your understanding, self-knowledge and awareness.


Thought and Thinking

Creating Maps and Models to help you get your goals

This section helps connect your values to your worldview. Often our core values don’t match the beliefs and behaviors that we absorbed from our family and community. Each exercise invites you to build on what matters with reasoned thinking.


Stepping into Rapport with Money and a Money-Positive Life

Healthy Wealthy Family - Raise Yourself Again

We can only create a better world for ourselves if we can imagine and visualize it first. Our old habits and survival mechanisms prefer the safe, even unhelpful mindset to a Money-Positive mindset to protect us from change. This section invites you to safely experiment with the money-positive beliefs and behaviors that not only feel better, but honor your values and get you to your goals.


Guided Visualizations

Financial abundance - Building The World You Want

If you can visualize your expanding mindset, you can create the experience in your life. These guided visualizations are designed to create a positive mindset with all its pieces that come ready for you to adopt. No effort is needed, just relax and allow your brain to build the world you really want.


Inner Circle Library

Major issues review and summary

The Inner Circle Library is like a real library with great books on the shelf waiting to be picked up and discovered. You can browse the library and discover the entries that support your next steps to a Money-Positive life.

What Some of Our Members Are Saying

"The entire online course was all meaningful and useful. l believe it will continue to be useful to me throughout my life. lt exposed previously invisible mechanisms that have run me and provided tools to allow them; and by accepting and understanding them, make each my ally. Every time l review any and each section l learn more about my self. l find l am beginning to like what l find instead of fearing l will not like me, if l knew the real me. l am happy that l took excellent notes that l can use as a data base for continued self-work."

- Marvin Freeman

"After attending Conversations with Money, I had immediate changes in my life.  I realized the value I was adding in my work career, and now I have attracted receiving an attractive salary.  In my trading career, I focused on money management to identify areas of improvement.  CwM got to the root cause of my negative beleifs towards money, beleifs which I held onto subconciously, and I had the realisation that they no longer fit my personality, therefore I challenged their authenticity.  There were many aha moments, as with all of the courses at Mind Muscles.  It has drastically changed me for the better.."

- Mitch M., Macedonia


How long will I have access to the course?

You will have access to all of the course materials and recordings for life - my lifetime, that is, not yours (obviously). 

I don't have the book, can I still join?

Yes, you can still join the course if you don't have the book. If you're not ready to join the course yet but still want the book, no problem! You can get started with the Conversations with Money book at

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who has money issues.

  • If you're not making enough money
  • If you're making enough but have problems keeping it
  • If you sabotage your own wealth building efforts
  • If you and your spouse fight about money
  • If you have guilt issues about making money...then this course is for YOU.

Are there any live classes included?

This course is self guided, which means you can take it at your own pace. There are no live classes included. In 2023  we may start a new series of money and wealth workshops. We notify our members and subscribers if this is the case.

You can take a step to build rapport with money and your financial future. Even the Smallest improvements now will repay you with big changes to your financial future. 

Cut the conflicts and create the courage to take this first step into the wonderful feeling of rapport with your money, wealth and success.

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