Money Positive Coaching

Accelerate your journey to Wealth and Success

I want to welcome you to an accelerated path to money positive consistency. 

Engaging a private money or wealth coach is a very personal choice. The private coaching relationship is also a personal relationship. Thus selecting a coach should also be like building any other relationship, building trust, one step at a time.

The first step to entering a coaching relationship is to have an easy, friendly conversation. Here we spend the time to learn more about each other. During this conversation, you will experience a mini coaching session to learn how we work together and experience the work for yourself. At the end of the no obligation, supportive conversation, you will:

  • Experience the process that brings you to your desired goals
  • Determine if this is a helpful approach for you
  • Understand how our value makes dollars and cents

Personal wealth and money coaching is the most customized and steady path to success. If you are committed to wealth and success and you have the financial foundation to support private coaching, please set a time to interview a Money Positiveā„¢ coach.

Our personalized coaching gives you access to our full resources:

  1. Money Metrics Application: This is how we measure your behavioral  progress.
  2. Online Conversations With Money Course: You can get the fundamentals on your own time on your own schedule. You have lifetime access to the Compass course.
  3. Real Time Coaching: Rich will coach in real time while you make decisions which will impact your financial future.
  4. Our Full Online Resources: You will also have access to all our Money Positive online courses, libraries, books, videos, audio and exercises.

We can support your progress as you build your unique path to wealth and success. You can choose the path that best suits your desired progress speed, time availability, motivation, learning style and budget.

Rich Friesen, CEO of the Mind Muscles Academy

Please book your initial free interview here, to see if we will be a good fit working together on your financial future. 

Once you have completed your interview, tap the button below to schedule your coaching sessions.

Read the book

Powerful ways to re-frame your own beliefs and behaviors around courting money, wealth and success, all while being entertained! Featuring engaging, real-world exercises and money affirmations that work, this book will help you discover what is blocking your happiness and teach you how to embrace a new mindset that will grant you financial freedom and understanding.

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Listen to the book

  • Discover how you are fighting your own brain when it comes to money management.
  • Align your core values, identity, beliefs, and behaviors with your financial goals.
  • Deliver value to your world that expands your own financial freedom.
  • Reframe your own preconceptions around courting money, wealth, and success.

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