A Private Conversation With Money

A Private Conversation with Money: Experience the 10 Keys to Financial Freedom

From Richard Friesen, financial guru and the creator and developer of the "Mind Muscles" training courses, comes the captivating story of "Joe," a struggling journalist barely making ends meet.

Desiring to get rich fast and deal with his conflicting anger towards the rich, he searches for the reason he can't find financial success when a character who calls himself "Money" appears, paying an unexpected visit to Joe like a guardian angel. Challenging Joe's deepest beliefs about personal wealth and the psychology of money, a series of conversations ensues that transforms his life in ways he never imagined.

By joining Joe and Money in their conversations, you'll discover powerful ways to reframe your own beliefs and behaviors around courting money, wealth and success, all while being entertained!

Featuring engaging, real-world exercises and money affirmations that work, this book will help you discover what is blocking your happiness and teach you how to embrace a new mindset that will grant you financial freedom and understanding.

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