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After 30 years in the financial world, trading on the floors of major exchanges, building a trading firm, as a therapist reviewing thousands of financial assessments, coaching traders, financial professionals, and entrepreneurs in groups and private sessions, I realize that something is missing.

My training as a therapist opens the door to the deeper drivers of financial and money behaviors that no longer serve us, yet we repeat them over and over again.

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Book: “A Private Conversation with Money”
This self-help work of literary fiction is a character-driven story of Joe’s journey from conflicts with money and success to rapport with his core values, beliefs, and behaviors.

This results in a mission that adds value to the world and financial security for Joe and his growing family.

This book invites the reader to a healthy relationship with money and wealth. Many people repeat the same struggles with money because of subconscious beliefs, cultural norms, and internal ethical conflicts.

Joe, a journalist, has a series of provoking conversations with the personality of “Money'' that challenge his self-destructive actions. Money invites him to clarify how he looks at the world by reframing his knowledge, behaviors, beliefs, and even how he sees himself. Joe challenges each precept to bring clarity to the reader. The result is an experience that serves not only Joe but those in his world.

I have combined my extensive experience in the financial markets building a trading firm, a financial software firm, and my master's degree in Clinical Psychology along with master's certification in NLP to write the book. After 10 years of coaching professional money managers and traders, common themes have come up that cry for resolution.

I have taken my clients' issues with money and combined them into the character "Joe." He is visited by the character "Money." They proceed to have dialogues that expose and clarify Joe's relationship not only with Money but with his world and success.

My target markets are people with repeated financial behaviors sabotaging their happiness and success. The book focuses on the dysfunctional relationships with money, whether they are struggling daily or have financial success without the satisfaction of meaning.

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Potential Interview Questions:

*You tell the story about waking up with a voice in the middle of the night. How did that impact your relationship with money and success?

The voice said I wasn’t worthy of success. It was a literal wake-up call with the realization I was done with that belief about who I was.

*What Are the three Money Rules?

  1. All money transactions are voluntary and exclude the use of force
  2. All transactions are transparent and honest
  3. Each person determines the value of the transaction for themselves

*You have enjoyed considerable success, if you had to point to the one thing that you either learned or developed over time what would that be?

Continually looking for new models and thinking that challenge me to reframe my models and beliefs.

*What is the problem the listener is experiencing, which you will solve?

My clients come to me with repeated financial behaviors that no longer serve them. First, we listen to conflicting voices and understand their positive intent and how they were created. Then, from that positive intent, we create new behaviors that serve them better. By visualizing a new world for them, we can establish safety as they let go of the anchors that hold them back. The invitation is to new behaviors that feel better in the moment, honor their values and get them to their goals.

*Why is it important we solve this problem?

We can play "whack a mole" with behaviors by using willpower, discipline, and shoulds, but we have all experienced repeated behaviors we feel helpless to change. What if willpower wasn't needed? What if we could step into a new "context" where we eagerly stepped into new behaviors that served us better?

*What would happen if the problem was not solved?

If we are out of rapport with money, wealth, and success, this translates to a personal, community, and cultural divide that will widen.

*What is the solution you propose?

The big picture of peace and rapport is created by our internal state of mind. We can't solve the cultural issues as long as we are experiencing internal conflict with our deepest values.

*How can the listener implement this solution?

There are hundreds of self-help books on the shelves of our listeners. We know what we "should" do, but most of us keep repeating the same behaviors. What if each belief and behavior had a specific exercise that opened the door to increased awareness, acceptance, and action that felt better in the moment?

*Why aren’t you embarrassed about extravagant wealth?

I reframe money from a fixed amount in the world to “Certificates of Appreciation”.

*What motivated you to write your book, "A Private Conversation with Money?"

To give everyone the experience of private financial coaching that everyone can afford

*Why is it so hard to change behaviors we repeat over and over again?

We all live in a context we have created that includes neurological wiring and connections, family beliefs we have absorbed, peer culture, and economic and political beliefs. These all create conflicting internal voices.

*How does our culture impact our rapport with money?

We all want to belong. This need is embedded deeply in our DNA. If our culture has beliefs that may not serve us well, we will often adopt these beliefs to maintain our connection to those around us.

*Your book suggests a shift from "making money" to “delivering value.” Why?

Money is often used to fill what I call a “hole in the heart.” As a result, there can never be enough money to create peace and satisfaction. Chasing money to fill a voice puts us on a treadmill. Delivering value to others, on the other hand, connects us not only to our deepest values but to everyone we come in contact with.

*What is the three-chair exercise that makes dramatic shifts?

This exercise elicits the voices that need to be heard that we have ignored about money, meaning, and success.

*What are the "Golden Keys" and what doors do they open?

The “Golden Keys” are awareness, acceptance, and agency. With agency, we can ask, “What do I want now?” 

*Why is money “the canary in the mineshaft?”

If we disdain money, we are threatening our voluntary connections. Power can then fill the vacuum.

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Powerful ways to re-frame your own beliefs and behaviors around courting money, wealth and success, all while being entertained! Featuring engaging, real-world exercises and money affirmations that work, this book will help you discover what is blocking your happiness and teach you how to embrace a new mindset that will grant you financial freedom and understanding.

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  • Discover how you are fighting your own brain when it comes to money management.
  • Align your core values, identity, beliefs, and behaviors with your financial goals.
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  • Reframe your own preconceptions around courting money, wealth, and success.

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