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Listen to Rich Friesen and John Brandy discuss wealth, money and achieving simple success through a healthy relationship with money. Podcast host John Brandy is a huge believer that each of us can change our environments by changing ourselves.  As a former financial advisor and stockbroker, John is also interested in Psychology Is Everywhere and behavioral

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Karen Hale is the producer, podcast host and social media mogul for Karen and Rich discuss overcoming a negative self image and negative beliefs about ourselves, often rooted in experiences in childhood. Rich brings a lot of energy to his online conversations. His mission is to bring rapport to our values, meaning and money. Our

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GrowLearn’s Zorina Dimitrova and Richard Friesen discuss the different money blocks we encounter, and how to unblock them using neuro-linguistic programming.In this video, Zorina Dimitrova and Rich Friesen have a private conversation with Money. Tune in to this enlightening episode as Richard shares his strategies for overcoming money blocks using NLP techniques, including concrete NLP

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An Enlightening Private Conversation with MONEY! L. Scott Ferguson of Time To Shine Today podcast interviews coach, author and speaker Richard Friesen on how to overcome your internal limitations with Money. “After 30 years in the financial world, trading on the floors of major exchanges, building a trading firm, as a therapist reviewing thousands of

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John Mendez and Richard Friesen discuss how to align your financial goals with your core valuesThey say the journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step. Join us in the journey to financial independence and beyond. In this episode John and Rich discuss how to step into a new agency and context, creating new neuro

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In this Episode Florian Fritz of the Money and Business Hero Podcast interviews Richard Friesen of the Mind Muscles Academy and author of “A private conversation with money”. Florian provides tips, tools and techniques on how to build wealth and financial freedom, or simply how to improve your financial life in all three pillars of

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Interviews from 2022 and earlier:

Cover image for Bro Nouveau Podcast

The Bro Nouveau Podcast with Thomas Pierce

Rich and Thomas Pierce discuss the fate of masculinity and the pros and cons of Elon Musk's Twitter takeover.

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The SEAL Podcast thumbnail image

The SEAL Podcast with Onyema Williamson

It's a misconception that people can't bring about change. Every individual must make their own decisions on environmental protection. Nobody would cast a ballot if everyone in a democracy decided that their vote didn't matter. Environmental protection is possible if democracy can function. Consider this: by ignoring the environment, we are all to blame for this issue. That must imply that by safeguarding it, we can all solve the issue!

Rich discusses the same principles as applying to wealth and Money, as well as his book with Onyema Williamson of The SEAL Podcast.

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Back2Basics podcast logo

Back to Basics Podcast with Girish Bali

After 30 years in the financial world, trading on the floors of major exchanges, building a trading firm, as a therapist reviewing over 1000 financial assessments, and coaching hundreds of clients in groups and private sessions, Rich realized that something is missing. His training as a therapist opens the door to the deeper drivers of financial and money behaviors that no longer serve us, yet we repeat them over and over again.

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Saving Brothers Podcast logo

Money - it’s a Personal Thing with Richard Friesen

Saving Brothers is about meeting men wherever they are in life, with a focus on empowering men to gain control over their Health, Self and Wealth, and creating connection and better communication, not only for men, but for the women that love and support them.

Richard explains to the Saving Brothers listeners about the idea of a Money Negative Community and Money Positive Community.

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Picture of running figure chasing happiness

How to Reframe Your Relationship with Money for Greater Happiness with Rich Friesen

Most of us were never taught how to have a healthy relationship with money. We're constantly bombarded with conflicting messages that keep us from our dreams.

It feels like we're always one step behind in the chase for happiness. And if we're not careful, we can end up chasing money or material possessions instead of what truly makes us happy.

Interview Summary:

On this episode of the Chasing Happiness Podcast, we're talking with Rich Friesen about how to reframe our relationship with money so that it honors our values and helps us achieve our goals. Rich is an expert on wealth and economics, and he has some great tips for creating a happier, more fulfilling life.

Image of Solomon Tention

The Solomon Tention Podcast

Dr. Solomon Tention is an author of several books and serves as a higher education administrator, professor, and CEO of SIM Companies. With just over 10 years working in education, Solomon has dedicated his career to building ecosystems dedicated helping men of color, educators, leaders, and scholars thrive and experience holistic success.

Interview Summary:

Dr. Solomon and Richard talked about how our mindset can sabotage our success. What happens when we step outside of our cultural norms? What happens when we excel beyond our peer group? How do we sabotage ourselves? Richard told the story of his own sabotage and how the traders in his company did the same.

Image showing Discovering Multifamily podcast hosts

Discovering Multifamily Podcast

On this episode of Discovering Multifamily, Richard Friesen joins us and works with professionals and business leaders who want to increase their personal effectiveness. His neuroscience-based Mind Muscles™ model gives his clients the opportunity to reach their goals with online training, simulations, interactive exercises, group support and real time decision processes.

Image of Josh Nelson, podcast host

The Wiser Financial Advisor Podcast with Josh Nelson 

Richard Friesen quote: "We have disassociated and made wealth evil and bad and oppressive and made it racial even. I mean, people who come to me have really good hearts. They want the best for the world and they get all these messages and they don't know how to do it. So my contribution and what makes a difference to me and why I am still working, (which doesn't feel like work) is to help people be in rapport with success, with wealth, with themselves and their relationships."

In this episode, Josh Nelson and Richard Friesen share stories and tips that present new ways to value your contributions as a trader and to free up all the subconscious voices that limit your upside potential.

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Chat Daddy and Renee interview Rich Friesen

Chat Daddy Podcast

Chat Daddy and Renee interviewed “A Private Conversation with Money” author Richard Friesen about money and mindset. Why do people live paycheck to paycheck? Richard describes the context we live in and adopt, which keeps us in that context. Our survival mechanism is more comfortable with what we know than a world that is unknown. Mr. Friesen doesn’t hold back his energy and the warmth of Chat Daddy and Renee brings out the best with a lively conversation.

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Nick Lugo interviews Rich about his new book

The Nick Lugo Show 

Nick studies the success tactics, practices, and principles of his favorite achievers. Learn what they did and how they did it, right here on The Nick Lugo Show.

Interview Summary:

On The Nick Lugo Show, Rich talks about his new book, A Conversation with Money, where he tries to understand a proper relationship with money. He explains how to avoid being controlled by it, to avoid being its slave, and to avoid feeling guilt about having money. He digs into Nick's brain, to understand his relationship with money too (It was pretty weird). This will be great for young business students, trying to figure out how to build a career.

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The Success Grid Podcast with Hussein Taleb

Success Grid with Hussein Taleb

Richard and Hussein take the time to explore a new relationship with money by increasing our awareness, accepting all parts of ourselves, and discovering what we want that aligns with our values, feels better in the moment, and creates the financial future we want for ourselves.

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Wealth Watchers Podcast interviews Richard Friesen

Justin Hoggatt & Adam Lendi

Rich puts Adam on the hot seat and describes the three chair exercise.

My clients come to me with repeated financial behaviors that no longer serve them. What we do, we first listen to conflicting voices and understand their positive intent and how they were created. Then, from that positive intent, we create new behaviors that serve them better. By visualizing a new world for them, we can establish safety as they let go of the anchors that hold them back.

Listen to this great episode where Richard Friesen is demonstrating this process to educate our audience/listeners.

2 Bulls in a China Shop Stock Trading Podcast

Kyle Hedman and Dan Leeson

Richard Friesen visits the China Shop to talk to the guys about the mindset of a successful trader and to share his experiences trading options. Richard also puts his Psychology degree to work to help one of the guys get to the root of one of his biggest trading flaws.

Part 1 - Listen as Rich puts Dan in the Hot Seat!

Part 2 - Listen to the next exciting episode with Rich and the 2 Bulls!

Rejuvenaging with Dr. Ron Kaiser

Rejuvenaging with Dr. Ron Kaiser. In This Episode, you will learn:

  • Stepping in the spot of the toughest guy. Growing is an uncomfortable process (6:33)
  • Survival mechanism doesn’t care about happiness (12:45)
  • We are unaware of most of our self-inflicted limitations (15:36)
  • Happiness can only happen now and here (21:06)
  • The importance of being mentally prepared for any future scenario (30:38)

Bench Builders get unstuck podcast

Getting Unstuck and On Target

Let’s listen as Mike O’Neill waxes philosophical with Richard as he shares some stories about what he’s learned and what he’s still learning.

 In This Episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to release tension in helpful in meaningful ways to achieve your goals
  • Understanding some basic foundations of progress and growth
  • Understand how to change your mindset using Richard’s Mind Muscles process
  • Look at what all could be limiting your success that you aren’t even considering

The Law, The Universe and Everything

The Law, The Universe, And Everything 

NLP, The Psychology of Money, And The Power Of The Human Brain With Richard FriesenPacifico talks with former futures broker and floor trader turned psychologist and NLP practitioner Richard Friesen about how we can change our beliefs to change our lives and the amazing power we all possess in our minds. 

Listen to it here.

Kirby Ingles Podcast. 

Rich and Kirby Ingles discuss money management psychology, personal transformation, and politics in Episode 072 of the TRUE Success podcast. 

Listen to it here.

Callum Laing

CallumConnects Podcast.

In five minutes, Rich illustrates with personal and professional stories how most of us work hard for success and at the same time are not prepared to own it.

Listen to it here.

Enterprise Zone interviews Rich Friesen

Enterprize Zone Interview

Rich is interviewed by Callum Laing of for

 Read the interview here.

Casey Stubbs Podcast. 

Rich and Casey talk about overcoming limiting beliefs, how our dreams can be roadblocks, the three golden keys for success and trading with personal transformation.

Go here to listen.

Off Da Fence with Finch

Off da Fence with Finch

Finch and Rich discuss our beliefs and subconscious programming about money and wealth. Rich offers tips on working with limitations.

 Access this episode here

Capital Gains Tax Solutions Podcast with Brett Swarts

Brett Swarts of Capital Gains Tax Solutions, and Rich discuss internal limits, wealth and value. How to create new behaviors that will serve us better. Our brain’s survival mechanisms will prevent us from stepping into a better future which prevents new behaviors that create and keep the wealth we want.

 Go here to watch

Cameron Tousi Podcast

Cameron Tousi Podcast. 

Use your “Mind Muscles” to not only survive but thrive in the uncertainties during the current economic and personal volatility and unknowns.

 Watch Part 1 here 

 Watch Part 2 here

Women on IT - Diversity in Tech

Women on IT.  

Beata Young interviews Rich in a fun video podcast on a range of topics around women and success.

 Go here to watch on Youtube

DE LA FIT podcast

DE LA FIT Podcast 

Rich was interviewed by DE LA FIT Podcast on the topic of “How To Foresee and Manage Extreme Events”. SunMoon Bey finds his own confident self as he examines his own beliefs.

Click here to listen.

The Tracy O Show

The Tracy O Show 

Rich is on the Tracy O Show talking about Conversations with Money. Tracy is brave enough to step into a “hotseat” session to help understand her hidden relationship to money.

Click here to listen

Cindy Fay Lybbert

Cindy Lybbert - Healing the Childhood Wounds. 

Cindy and Rich talk about a major shift from “Money” to “Certificates of Appreciation.

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Cam Hawkins – Live coaching session. 

This is an example of how I use “hotseat” work to help uncover our deeper beliefs and behaviors of an active trader.

Go here to watch the video.

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  • Discover how you are fighting your own brain when it comes to money management.
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  • Reframe your own preconceptions around courting money, wealth, and success.

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