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September 17, 2022

Economic Mobility – Expanding Life’s Menu for All

Our brains like classifications because it is easier to think about things. But, is social status, economic class, or racial grouping a self-limiting and cultural box that creates mindset boundaries that are simply words that evolve into walls?

Our brains want to create permanent classifications. When we think of a group of humans as a class, race, culture, ethnicity, or religion, it allows our brains to make heuristics or mental shortcuts. Our brains want to reduce infinite potential complex calculations by creating simple classifications that assume fixed limitations.

Individuals move up and down the economic ladder. Some studies of economic mobility show much greater advances and downward slides on the economic ladder than most of us would guess. What if the people in our collective classifications, including those in our own classification, believe in the limitations that we ascribe to that group? What is the result?

On the other hand, what if we didn’t create those limitations? What if we all believed that economic mobility and greater life choices are available to all?  What if all children from all communities were taught the mindset and context of each economic strata? Each child as they grew could make the trade-offs and choices in education, training, work ethic and risk. What if our news, media, education, advertising, and games all supported the skill expanding our life choices?

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Rich Friesen

Author, veteran broker and floor trader, Rich went from the "worst trainee trader ever", to building one of the most consistently profitable options trading firms on the Pacific Exchange by training his traders using neuroscience. Rich also holds a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology, a B.A. in Philosophy, and is a graduate of the Gestalt Institute in San Francisco along with Master’s training in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

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