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February 20, 2023

Uncover Your Creative Victim in 15 minutes

Your subconscious may be way more creative than you know!

Here’s how to Uncover Your Creative Victim in 15 minutes or less.

Do we really set ourselves up as a victim? To discover the creativity in your subconscious, take an incident in your life that still has an emotional charge where you were treated unfairly. It can be a political disagreement, a relationship argument, or a trading or investing loss.

Play the victim! Write the issue down as you remember it. In this version, you are the victim of others, the markets, manipulators, and others in your relationship. Play with this by exaggerating the victimization of the situation. Notice how people took advantage of you. Exaggerate how you were blindsided. There is nothing you did wrong and it just wasn’t fair. Have fun with the exaggeration.

Once completed, set the document aside for a day.

Let your wisdom emerge. Now the next step is to have fun with the other side of this experience. To do this, take a breath and imagine you are now you’re “all-knowing” wisest part of you. This is the part that sees risks and red flags. This part can see subtle tiny indicators and realize the part they play in a bigger event. It can see the most sneaky part of you that sets up the outcome.

Make it up if needed. Once you have found this part of you, rewrite the same event from the all-knowing point of view. Write down all the subtle ways that you created the events, how you saw indicators of what was going to happen, and how you chose to ignore them. Write down all the little things you did to set others up to make them respond. Fully step into this situation. The more details you have the better. Then write down all the things you get out of setting yourself up as a victim.

Put the document aside and in a day or so, read both parts.

What did you notice? Write that down too.

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