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October 4, 2022

2 Bulls in a China Shop talk to Rich about Trader Mindset – Episode 1

I am very excited to join Kyle Hedman on the 2Bulls in a China Shop Podcast for the first in a limited series of episodes dealing with the importance of Trader Mindset in a successful and profitable trading career.

In this episode, we discuss our trading behaviors and what drives them. By reframing the issues that are detrimental to our success, we can create metrics on these behaviors and see how they impact our profits. As retail traders, our greatest edge lies in our ability to filter an almost infinite amount of information and variables down to the critical information that gives us feedback so we can adjust the trading behaviors that really matter.

  • You’ll learn how you can measure your trading behaviors in a meaningful way.
  • It shows you how to measure commitments to new behaviors that actually work.
  • It shows you how to break down your real-time awareness into categories that contribute directly to your profitability.
  • And most importantly, moves your focus of success from the outcome to your process.

This alone can expand your consistent profitability.

Through the use of Mind Metrics, you can start to reduce the variables from your trading performance by tracking and eliminating hidden elements that have a negative impact on your trading. Listen below on Spotify:

Homework Assignment for Episode 1:

  1. Take inventory and track our trading preparedness by using S.E.T. (Sensations, Emotions and Thoughts) scores
  2. Make sure you clearly understand the difference between lousy and lucrative trades, and why the latter are very important
  3. Start filling in your Mind Metrics spreadsheet.

You can get information about all the episodes here.

Follow along as Kyle updates the Mind Metrics app by clicking the image below. The spreadsheet will open in a new tab.

Kyle's Mind Metrics

Tap this image to go to Kyle's Mind Metrics spreadsheet

If you do not have your own copy of Mind Metrics but want to participate, you can get it here for a limited time) along with the full course, all for $100 which is 2/3 off the price.

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